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Three Main dōTERRA Web Properties

Doterra Everyday Europe: If you only visit one site each day, this is the site to visit! is your source for dōTERRA news, information, new promotions, announcements, and more.  There are links to your dōTERRA back office so you can immediately login and shop, check on any stats about your organization. 

Virtual Office: This is the mydōTERRA Office login page. Other names for this page are “the back office login page” or the “Enhanced Virtual Office” login page. After you log in, you can shop at discounted prices, access information about your dōTERRA account, and see data about your dōTERRA business.  From this site you can sign up new dōTERRA consultants, view your commission summary, volume information and more! This site is designed for use by media or anyone needing introductory information about how dōTERRA is redefining the category of essential oils. It features corporate information and information about our products, events, and much more! Purchases at full retail pricing can also be made here, no login required. We are continuously working on adding more sites for our Europe market. We currently have sites for Germany, The United Kingdom and Romania. To see our upcoming sites please check our Marketing Projects Updates page.

Event Focused Sites

Europe Events This page lists the upcoming official doTERRA Europe events. You can find out information about our doTERRA Europe Convention, doTERRA On Tour, and more!

US Corporate Event Information This is a very popular page within that features all US corporate and Wellness Advocate events.

Product, Business & Incentive Focused Sites

doTERRA University If you have someone new to dōTERRA, this is one of the first places to send them. You can find the doTERRA University under the tab “Our Advocates”.

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