Blue Diamond

dōTERRA Blue Diamond
Mario Jolly & Sabine Buchner

Mario Jolly & Sabine Buchner EU Founder

For us, dōTERRA is the biggest gift and greatest opportunity in our lives. Our life changed in a 180 radius. We started out with nothing. And we had been a couple for only two months. We overcame many obstacles. We had a vision and strong faith. But what pushed us the most was the gratefulness of people, who are doing better health wise and financially through dōTERRA .

At the beginning of our journey it was about us, that we can survive and that the money won’t already be depleted by the beginning of the month. But through the years, the whole mission, dōTERRA , developed to something greater. It’s no longer about us, but about helping people in all aspects. Be it being able to take responsibility for their health, to aord a life, to dare to dream, to have relationships, improve family quality dōTERRA gives us the best tools. Gifts of the earth have supported so many good things. We were gifted this oil baby.rndōTERRA changes the world including the people. dōTERRA means to respect the gift of the earth and to establish the relationship with it, as well as to build respect and appreciation for the people.rnWe have the best team! Together we developed, laughed and cried together, supported each other to enfold our potential and created something great. Most importantly we helped thousands of people to gain life quality again. Oilsempowerteam rocks!


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