Blue Diamond

dōTERRA Blue Diamond
Nathan & Rebecca Bowles

Nathan & Rebecca Bowles EU Founder

When we started doing the business side of dōTERRA, I remember thinking how amazing it would be to get to Diamond. It seemed so far away, but we decided early on that this was a goal worth working hard to get too because of the difference it would make to us as a family. Now we are here, I really can\'t believe it, we are very excited!

I absolutely love working with these oils. My favourite part is still hearing success stories from those we share the oils with but this is closely followed by the opportunity we now have to help others on the way to achieving their financial goals.


Adam Copp & Rosie Greaney

Adam Copp & Rosie Greaney EU Founder

When we first started the business we thought that becoming a Diamond would mean something completely different than what it actually turned out to be. Initially we thought it was going to be about lifestyle and achievement, however, it has much to our delight turned out to be something much more valuable and rewarding. The process of refinement that we went through to achieve Diamond was something that challenged us both to the core. Rosie led the way and one of her key phrase was “are we acting like Diamonds right now?” Are we making the decisions, are we behaving and are we speaking like we should be.

We are always striving to be better and the key to our success has been to never give up and to constantly keep growing, changing and improving in every way we can. We had talked about hitting Diamond before, but we had never actually committed fully until Monday the 26th of October 2015. Rosie just decided that day that it was time for us to hit it once and for all, and after doing the numbers to see what was needed to be done, we went to work on getting it done. For us, Diamond was a pathway of sacrifice, personal development and a whole lot of overcoming our own limiting beliefs. Obviously our Leaders and their teams were pivotal to our achievement and we are forever grateful for their determination and vision in sharing the oils and achieving the goals. The greatest reward of October was seeing new levels of leadership emerge, new Silvers and a new Gold. Once people in your team start breaking leadership ranks it is the greatest feeling. Our Diamond rank paled in comparison to the feeling of happiness we felt seeing our leaders hit their goals. To make success contagious you need proof that more than just you can do it. You need Silvers, you need Golds and eventually Platinums and Diamonds. This eventually creates a Success Encouragement Team, a concept the late Roger Anthony taught us from the very beginning. Also if you can surround yourself with amazing people, anything is possible. From our close friends in the European Mastermind Group to our incredible leaders Seth & Rod, we are grateful for their friendship, mentoring and wisdom. We would like to dedicate our Diamond rank to our gorgeous little boy Paddy - he unknowingly helped us on every level in our business and gave us a lot of strength through some of the tougher days. We hope for him that he never knows any limitations, sees opportunity in all his challenges and has the strength and courage to never give up on his dreams.


Mario Jolly & Sabine Buchner

Mario Jolly & Sabine Buchner EU Founder

For us, dōTERRA is the biggest gift and greatest opportunity in our lives. Our life changed by 180 degrees. We started out with nothing. And we had been a couple for only two months. We overcame many obstacles. We had a vision and strong faith. But what pushed us the most was the gratefulness of people, who are doing better health wise and financially through dōTERRA .

At the beginning of our journey it was about us, that we can survive and that the money won’t be depleted by the beginning of the next month. But through the years, our whole mission in dōTERRA developed to something greater. It’s no longer about us, but about helping people in all aspects. Be it being able to take responsibility for their health, to afford a life, to dare to dream, to have relationships, improve family quality. dōTERRA gives us the best tools. Gifts of the earth have supported so many good things. We were gifted this oil baby. dōTERRA changes the world including the people. dōTERRA means to respect the gift of the earth and to establish the relationship with it, as well as to build respect and appreciation for the people.rnWe have the best team! Together we developed, laughed and cried together, supported each other to enfold our potential and created something great. Most importantly we helped thousands of people to gain life quality again. Oilsempowerteam rocks!


Willem-Paul & Loussanna Koenen

Willem-Paul & Loussanna Koenen EU Founder

We totally felt like we were being carried during our journey to Blue Diamond. Some of the previous ranks had more personal input and energy and visible work and almost the feeling of really having to struggle or hustle there. This was WAY different. We felt carried and supported. Loussanna and me both where physically not super fit during the entire month and we witnessed miracles way bigger then ourselves.

It was a total team of beautiful people that carried it and we have reached this point together. A few things we focussed on: LESS CONTROL. More influence. Let go of controlling things and let go of focussing on things that make us feel needed. Step back and create space for others to step into. Focus on influencing and creating a nurturing environment. TRUST OURSELVES that our drive and motivation is a righteous one. Then you give yourself more permission to really influence big time. And that this has influence even when there is no struggle or visible work AND EVEN when we are not presently there. Last 8 months have had a lot of focus on the projects with healing hands in lesvos greece with the refugees. A lot! Of course we still focussed on the needed work but a lot of our attention and focus went there. We trusted that everything would fall into place business wise even when we didn’t focus on that as a primary thing for weeks at a time. Teach principles that can duplicate even when you are not there. We have a very product user community and have continued education every week in multiple cities in the area. Teach and duplicate. We needed to practice emotional control more than ever. Not to be distracted by negativity or other things that could trigger us personally. This can easily happen when you work with a lot of people in this business that and is very important to be able to monitor your own emotions and being able to know how to deal with them in order to be able to keep stretching and daring to stay vulnerable and focussed. Dare to REALLY commit to your leaders. I have learned we sometimes are afraid to REALLY commit to them because we don’t trust ourselves to do so. Believe in YOURSELF and be FULLY present for the few people that really commit to you and they will be able to jump higher then ever. This creates a ripple effect where they will now also commit to their partners in business.rnrn- Motivation is not very powerful. But inspiration is extremely powerful. Help others to feel the inspiration and find their personal vision and power. LIKE A FIRE INSIDE. Help them to know they are thirsty and they will find the water themselves. Don’t always lean over them like a parent because somehow you might keep them small this way. Give them space and believe in the people you partner with.rnrnThis doTERRA journey is extremely fulfilling and powerful. A personal development program wrapped in essential oils.


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