Customer Services Contact Details


Czech +42 228882251
Danish +45 89881085
Dutch +31 208085094
English (Ireland) +35 316917051
English (United Kingdom) +44 2033180064
French +33 182888834
German +49 3056796808
German (Austria) +43 720115368
German (Swiss) +41 435082878
Hungarian +36 18088058
Norwegian +47 21959499
Slovak +421 233056269
Italian +39 0426270026
Portuguese +35 1308800575
Romanian +40 316303696
Spanish +34 911235514
Slovenian +38 682880204
Israel E-mail only
Russian E-mail only
Customer Services hours of operation will be set to coincide with the afternoon and evening in Europe. These hours of operation may change based upon need, but these hours cover the main portion of the calls that we currently receive from these markets.
We are aware that there are other language needs that will arise as markets grow and we will expand our services to meet the demands of those markets as required. Local phone lines, e-mail addresses and native speaking staff will be added as the markets expand to continually offer the excellence in Customer Service that dōTERRA has come to represent.
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