Diamond Club Information

Welcome to the Diamond Club page for Europe. Here you will find news and updates pertaining to Diamond Club, as well as the rules and details regarding how Diamond Club is operated in Europe.


For all Diamond Club related questions or concerns please contact us at europediamondclub@doterra.com.


For Diamond Club Members, all registrations and enrolment orders need to be submitted through the DIAMOND CLUB PORTAL. To access the portal, please click here.


Diamond Club is a programme designed to strengthen dōTERRA WA leadership. Through Diamond Club, WAs have an opportunity to:

  •  Learn leadership skills that will strengthen and ignite their organisation.
  •  Engage in proven activities and proper behaviours that will generate new business.
  •  Create momentum that will lead to success.


Diamond Club is an organised and rigorous effort.  It is so much more than a travel reimbursement programme or a programme to increase an WA’s rank.

Trip Tracking Report
Diamond Club Reimbursement Form
Diamond Club Application Form

Diamond Club Qualifications
We want to ensure all Diamond Club participants are successful, so the following requirements must be met in order to qualify to participate in Diamond Club:

    1.  Be nominated by your upline and/or a prior member of Diamond Club who is willing to sponsor and pay for Diamond Club participation (at least one sponsor required, but up to three is acceptable).
    2.  Qualify as a Premier or higher in December. (Diamonds and above are not eligible)
    3.  Have at least three personal enrolments with 100pv orders in December.
    4.  Have at least 10 people in their downline with an active LRP of 100+ PV. These 10 WAs must be within the Diamond Club Applicant’s personal downline organisation and may not be used by other Diamond Club Applicants to qualify for Diamond Club.
    5.  Be willing to travel and host events in their local area and in their area of strength 80 km away.
    6.  Participate in orientation and support calls during the Qualifying Month and throughout the programme.
    7.  Have a strong group of WAs located in home area with at least 5 persons in this group having an LRP and having a number of these persons willing to host meetings.
    8.  Have a strong group of WAs located in secondary geographic areas at least 80 km from home (i.e. different districts, cities or countries) with at least 5 persons in this group having an LRP and having a number of these persons willing to host meetings when you visit.
    9.  Diamond Club events are not limited to these two geographic areas. Diamond Club members may host and arrange meetings in other approved areas.
    10. Submit your Diamond club Application Form to europediamondclub@doterra.com no later than January 2nd.

Diamond Club Timeline:

  • Qualifying Month – December:  Meet the qualifications in the qualifying month December.
  • Preparation Month – January:  In the month after the Qualifying Month, organise a business plan and calendar for your Diamond Club
  • Diamond Club Months – In the following four (4) months, conduct your Diamond Club events and achieve the goals set out for Diamond Club Members. February – May

Diamond Club Sponsors:

Sponsors are your upline.  You can have up to three upline sponsors.  Leaders have been asked to look at applicants seriously.  Please know that they believe in you.  Please know that they support you.  HOWEVER, they may not be at a place to support everyone in their group.  Believe me, they wish that they could.  If your immediate upline says, “no,” then ask them:

  1. Can the next upline support?
  2. What support outside of Diamond Club can they give you?
  3. What can you do in order to be qualified for support next time?



  •      Be engaged and support your team members
  •      Participate in orientation and training with your team members before Diamond Club
  •      Have a weekly conference call with Diamond Club Participants
  •      Help them plan their schedule and meetings
  •      Teach them your best practices
  •      Have them post their events
  •      Attend some of their events and give support and feedback
  •      Teach them how to follow up and get their new enrollees on LRP
  •      Be constantly supporting and motivating their team members
  •      Encourage your team members to hold in-home meetings

Diamond Club Monthly Requirements

Diamond Club Members must accomplish the following each month of the Diamond Club period to maintain their participation in Diamond Club:

  •  Hold a minimum of three (3) Diamond Club Events a month in the remote or target area during each of the four (4) months of Diamond Club.
  •  Hold a minimum of three (3) Diamond Club Events a month in the local area during each of the four (4) months of Diamond Club.
  •  Post at least three (3) Diamond Club events a month on-line at doterraeveryday.eu. The category of the event will be Europe Diamond Club Event
  •  70/30 Rule – In order to qualify for prizes during Diamond Club, you must have 70% of your enrollments in your downline.
  •  Must submit a completed Trip Tracking Report.
  •  Enrol 18 new WAs each of the Four months of the Diamond Club period.*
  •  Hold mentor meetings with each host after Diamond Club events.**
  •  Conduct any dōTERRA-related business with utmost integrity and according to company policy.


Each Diamond Club Participant may submit reimbursements with a maximum £125 / 150€ per Event for up to 6 events a month***, or a maximum amount of £750 / 900€ per month(Events must be outside 80 km.)


*February will be the only grace month allotted during Diamond Club in which a participant can get 10 enrollments. In addition, any month that enrolments exceed 18, additional points may be earned. Enrolments may only be counted if enrollees participate in the Diamond Club event. New enrollees must enrol with a minimum 100PV order – additional points are awarded for larger enrolment orders and LRP orders that are set up and fire the following months.

**Mentor meetings are post-event meetings with the team who participated in the Diamond Club Event – the purpose is to train and mentor the upcoming leaders in their geographic areas of strength.

***Maximum of 6 Events will count towards monthly reimbursement, but Diamond Club members may hold many more Diamond Club events each month.

Only events and enrolments (from those events) in which the Diamond Club member personally participates in the presentation will count towards one’s required monthly enrolments (18) and for Diamond Club enrolment incentives.  Only one Diamond Club member will receive credit for any single meeting. 

Out-of-Area Events Local Events Event Minimums/Maximums
Out-of-Area Events  An out-of-area event is a meeting that is held in a location at least 80 km/50 miles from one’s home in which you personally participate in the presentation at the event.  Diamond Club members are required to hold at least 3 out-of-area events per month, February-May. Local Events A local event is a meeting that is held in one’s home area in which the Diamond Club member personally participates in the presentation. Diamond Club members are required to hold at least 3 local events a month, February-May. Event Minimums/Maximums The minimum number of local events required to stay qualified in Diamond Club is three per month. The minimum number of out-of-area events required to stay qualified in Diamond Club is three per month. The maximum number of out-of-area events that will be reimbursed is six per month; however, you can hold as many as you can during the month.

Qualifying Enrollments 
A Qualifying Enrolment is any new WA or WC enrolment with at least 100 PV that occurs as a result of a meeting where a Diamond Club member personally participates in the presentation*.  The new enrollees must physically attend the event (webinars, conference calls, Skype Meetings, GoToMeetings, and the like DO NOT QUALIFY).  Enrolments must be entered online by the Diamond Club member (through the Diamond Club Portal) within 3 business days of the meeting to count toward your totals. Local events for which a Diamond Club member personally participates in the presentation also count towards your enrolment requirement. It is imperative that the Diamond Club member meets physically (face-to-face) with the new enrollee; no exceptions.

  *New enrollees do not need to be personally “enrolled”, “sponsored”, or within the organisation of the Diamond Club member to count towards the monthly enrolment requirement (18 enrolments).

Entering Enrolments

Diamond Club Portal

Qualified enrolments must be entered through the Diamond Club portal (linked to the Diamond Club website homepage) to qualify for the Diamond Club incentives and for the enrolment to count towards the monthly requirement (18 enrolments). If the qualified enrolment is not entered through the Diamond Club portal, then the new WA is not eligible for the enrolment promotion. It is the Diamond Club member’s responsibility to ensure that their team members and event hosts understand that only enrolments from Diamond Club events should be entered through the portal by the club member AND that enrolments will only be eligible for the DC promotion IF they are entered correctly. It is the Diamond Club member’s responsibility to enter the enrolments through the portal. Please do not instruct team members on how to enter enrolments through the portal; this causes confusion and encourages cheating.

Other Team Enrolments

We expect Diamond Club members to ensure that every individual who attends their meetings and wants to join dōTERRA is enrolled under the person who invited them to the meeting. The person who invited them may not attend the meeting, and they may not be on the Diamond Club member’s team, but Diamond Club members are responsible for ensuring that enrollees are placed on the correct team and under the WA who referred them. If it is determined that a Diamond Club member persuaded someone at a Diamond Club meeting to join with someone other than the person who invited them, that Diamond Club member will be disqualified from Diamond Club and lose the opportunity to finish their commitment and receive associated benefits. Maintaining the integrity of the programme is essential for its success. Event follow-up is essential to success in Diamond Club; however, when someone from another team is involved this can be a grey area. If someone attends a Diamond Club event from another team, and does not enrol at the event, follow-up is needed; however, the follow-up should be done by the person who invited them to the event. It is the Diamond Club member’s responsibility to follow-up with the inviter to ensure that one enrols the prospective WA through the Diamond Club portal (so the new WA receives the incentive). It is not appropriate to follow-up directly with the prospective WA if they are from another team.

Enrolment Promotions

To create urgency for individuals to enrol as an WA at a Diamond Club event, dōTERRA will offer special product promotions.  Each Diamond Club member will need to enrol the prospective WA using a special enrolment portal located on the Diamond Club website.  Using this portal allows the qualified prospect (enrolment of at least 100 PV) to receive their enrolment promotion AND is how a Diamond Club member will receive points for the enrolment and LRP orders for the next two months (April enrolments are only eligible for one month LRP DC points).  The Diamond Club portal is used for any order that does not fall within the Diamond Club enrolment parameters, your participation in Diamond Club will immediately be terminated and your credit card on file will be charged for the promotional product.  For this purpose, we ask that the process of enroling through the portal not be shared with other WAs on your team.  You alone will be responsible to enter the new enrolments online. The following are the promotional products that will be offered as part of the Diamond Club programme to any enrolling order of those who meet the indicated PV and event requirements:


MONTH 100 PV enrolling order 400 PV enrolling order
February* PastTense PastTense & Balance
March Cedarwood Cedarwood & On Guard
April Tangerine Tangerine & Spearmint
May* Grapefruit Grapefruit & Deep Blue 5mL


*For Norway, the following products will be awarded instead of the ones listed above:

  • February: Console Touch (100 PV) or Console Touch + Balance (400 PV)
  • May: Grapefruit (100 PV) or Grapefruit + Geranium (400 PV)


In addition, Diamond Club enrollees who set up a single LRP order of 100PV or more that processes the month following their enrollment will receive 25 product points as soon as their first 100PV LRP order is processed. They will likewise receive 25 points once their second 100PV LRP order is processed.

If the qualified enrolment is not entered through the Diamond Club portal, then the new WA is not eligible for the enrolment promotion; it is the Diamond Club member’s responsibility to enter the enrolments through the portal.   It is the Diamond Club Member’s responsibility to prepare their event host(s) and explain to them how new WAs will only get the promotion if the DC member enters the enrolment through the portal personally; failure to correctly instruct their host(s) could result in forfeited Diamond Club points.

Travel Reimbursement

dōTERRA recognises travel expense can hinder individuals from maximising their building potential in areas long distances from their home. A reimbursement programme sponsored by upline leader(s) and dōTERRA is offered to help lift that burden.  Travel reimbursement for mileage traveled more than 80 km/50 miles one-way is available as follows:

Driving/Public Transportation

Driving will be reimbursed up to 150€/£ 125 a trip, paid at €0.22 per km/£.32 per mile (50% from upline sponsor(s), 50% from dōTERRA). You must drive at least 80 km/50 miles (one-way) from your home to qualify for this.  Public transportation will be reimbursed at ticket cost.

Example 1: If you drive to a city 60 km/30 miles from your home, you will not be reimbursed for this trip, but the enrolments from your event will count towards your enrolment requirements.

Example 2: It is acceptable to combine trips. If your first event location is 60 km/37.5 miles from your home (which you will not be reimbursed for), and your next trip location is another 60 km/37.5 miles from your first location, you will be reimbursed for the distance from your home to your second location and back home as one event.

Example 3: If you live in Dublin and you flew into London and held an event and then drove to Sheffield (269 km one-way/168 miles) for an additional event, you could request reimbursement for two events.  One event would be a flight reimbursement and the second would be a driving reimbursement.  If you rented a car when you flew into London, then you could include the cost of that rental in your reimbursement request for your event in Sheffield (up to 150€/£125).

Example 4: If you are driving to Denmark from Bratislava you can request multiple reimbursements for multiple events if you hold events along the way.  Contact family members, spas, wellness centers, retirement homes and create opportunities to share dōTERRA all along the way.  For example if on your way from Bratislava you stop in Munich you can count the mileage to and from Munich as one event (starting in Bratislava).  The next event could be held in Frankfurt and you could count the mileage to and from Frankfurt (starting in Munich).  Next you could hold another event in Hamburg and you could count the mileage to and from Hamburg (starting in Frankfurt).  Your last event could then be in Denmark and you could count the mileage to and from Denmark (starting in Hamburg).  After returning from this cross country trip you would request reimbursement for four separate events (a maximum of 150€/£125 for each event) and have some of your mileage covered (round-trip).


Be reimbursed up to 150€/£ 125 (50% from upline sponsor(s), 50% from dōTERRA for flights).
Example 1: If you purchase a plane ticket for 120€, you will be reimbursed 120.00€. Example 2: If you purchase a plane ticket for 345€, you will be reimbursed 150€. Example 3: If I purchase a plane ticket for 450€ that departs from Vienna for my class in Belin and then flies from Belin for my second class in Amsterdam after which I return to Vienna, I would be eligible for reimbursement for two(2) events (up to 300€). You would divide the total cost of the ticket(450€) by two (the number of qualified events); that would give you a cost of 225€ per event. Record this amount as the cost for each event. However, you would only be eligible for a reimbursement of 150€ for each event.

Reimbursement Requests

Diamond Club participants must submit receipts for any requested event reimbursement. Reimbursements will be approved by the Diamond Club Sponsor as well as the company. Please keep all receipts until the date outlined below and send through in one batch for each WA who will receive reimbursements.

Reimbursement payments will be remitted via wire transfer on a monthly basis (see schedule below). In order to receive a refund you will need to have a European bank account and meet the event & enrolment requirements and complete your Reimbursement Form no later than midnight, on the first day of the month (starting March 1st).


February Third Tuesday of March
March Third Tuesday of April
April Third Tuesday of May
May Third Tuesday of June



maximum of 6 trips can be submitted for reimbursement each month.  One must travel at least 80 km/50 miles (one way) to be eligible for reimbursement. If you decide to opt out of Diamond Club or don’t qualify to continue with the programme (don’t meet enrolment and/or minimum event requirements), you will be reimbursed for the months you participated in. However, dōTERRA will not continue to reimburse your travel for the following months, and you will not be able to offer the Diamond Club enrollment promotions.

1 Cimpoesu, Catalin & Elena Romania 1143
2 Renzo, Ketty Italy 870
3 Bruch Nemcova, Emilia Slovakia 792
4 Bezakova, Danica Slovakia 583
5 Ribeiro, Maria de Fatima Portugal 568
6 Schumacher, Sarah Germany 559
7 Bogole, Claudia Romania 558
8 Doandesi, Elena Romania 542
9 Goldoni, Dana Italy 460
10 Pullinen, Claire Estonia 397
11 Burnete, Nicoleta Romania 377
12 Ferrari, Sabrina Switzerland 374
13 Kapustova, Mgr. Kristina Slovakia 372
14 Hudribusch, Daniela Austria 355
15 Bakker, Liesbeth Netherlands 352

Diamond Club Points

Points Awarded *All enrolments must be completed within 3 business days of Diamond Club event to count towards DC points.


Enrolment with 100-249 PV


Enrolment with 250 – 499 PV


Enrolment with 500 – 500+ PV


1st Month LRP order fulfilled (100 PV minimum) for those who enrolled at a Diamond Club event (Any enrolments in May are not eligible).


2nd Month LRP order fulfilled (100PV minimum) for those who enrolled at a Diamond Club event (Any enrolments in April, and May are not eligible).


Achieving the rank of Silver while in Diamond Club.


Achieving the rank of Gold while in Diamond Club.


Achieving the rank of Platinum while in Diamond Club.


Achieving the rank of Diamond while in Diamond Club.


Achieving the rank of Blue Diamond while in Diamond Club.


Achieving the rank of Presidential Diamond while in Diamond Club.


Diamond Club Prizes:
dōTERRA is offering some very exciting prizes. These prizes can be earned by accumulating points that correspond with the number of enrolments, the enrolment PV, first LRP order, and achieving rank advancements during Diamond Club. Total Points earned will be posted on the Diamond Club website each week.

Europe Winners and Prizes
Prize Value Number Total Description
Grand Prize € 5,000.00 1 € 5,000.00 Vacation or Cash
First Prize € 3,500.00 1 € 3,500.00 Vacation or Cash
Second Prize € 2,000.00 1 € 2,000.00 Vacation or Cash
Third Prize € 1,000.00 1 € 1,000.00 Laptop or Cash
4th – 10th Place € 500.00 7 € 3,500.00 iPad or Cash


LRP Conversion Program

Prize 1 :

  •      500 € for Highest LRP conversion at the end of Diamond Club
  • Prize 2 :

    •      300 € for Second Highest LRP conversion at the end of Diamond Club

        Prize 3 :

        •      200 € for Third Highest LRP conversion at the end of Diamond Club


      Start Strong Program

      Tier 1 (12 enrolments):

      •      Those that get 12-17 enrollments by the 15th of the month
      •      They get a product (or products) with a value of around 25€
        •      Examples of this include OnGuard, Deep Blue Rub, or two smaller items that add up to 25€

      Tier 2 (18 enrollments):

      •      Those that get 18+ enrollments by the 15th of the month
      •      They get a product (or products) with a value of around 60€
        •      An example is Frankincense

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