doTERRA On Tour

Prepare to protect, strengthen and discover holistic wellness at our Autumn Tour 2021 events. Every event is unique and each market will host online or in-person events featuring dynamic, essential oil content to maximise your experience.

Protect & Strengthen
So, what is the focus for Autumn Tour 2021 events? Your health and wellbeing are like armour, protecting you when you need it most. We’re looking at how we can strengthen our wellbeing as the season changes; from diet and nutrition to holistic living, join us as we look at proactive habits that can help to protect ourselves and others.

New to doTERRA?
Do you want to find out more about essential oils? Start learning through the Autumn Tour events! Discover the simple and effective steps to incorporate essential oils into your everyday life. Listen, learn, ask questions and receive answers from experienced doTERRA Leaders, and much more!

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