FAQs – Keeping your credit card details secure with dōTERRA

Why are these changes taking place?

The European Parliament and European Banking Authority have established new laws governing how online transactions occur. This law is called the Payment Services Directive, version 2 (PSD2) and goes into effect on December 31 2020.
PSD2 is a European regulation for electronic payment services. It aims to make payments more secure in Europe and all merchants must follow the new regulations by December 31 2020. Therefore, you may experience some updates when completing a transaction with doTERRA.
Here is a link to an official website of the European Union, detailing the Frequently Asked Questions in relation to these changes: https://ec.europa.eu/commission/presscorner/detail/en/QANDA_19_5555

How will this impact me?

When you make a transaction, the information that you see on the screen for the collection of a credit card payment may look slightly different. On some transactions you may see an extra security step, known as Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). This SCA is requested by the bank that issues your card and not by doTERRA.

What types of authentication should I expect?

The Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) step may be requested in a variety of different ways and is at the discretion of the bank that issues your card. There are multiple methods that the bank may use to request authentication. The bank that issues the card will determine what security steps they use and how often you will be asked for authentication. Examples of this include but are not limited to: being asked to enter a PIN code, a password, by fingerprint recognition or via text message verification.

How can I make this process easier for me in the future?

You could contact the bank that issues your card and check what type of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) they use. They may give you the option to register your details and enable this feature if you have not done so already. This will then make it easier to process transactions as the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) will already be set up.

The bank that issues your card may also provide the option for you to log in to your online banking and select an option to pre-authorise selected merchants eg doTERRA. This is a secure way to reassure your bank that you trust this particular merchant and may mean you have less authentication challenges in the future.

How will this affect other accounts that I pay for?

As the credit card account holder, you will be required to complete this extra security step, not the doTERRA account holder who is making the purchase. We cannot control what transactions the bank that issues your card may challenge but if you choose to, as the card holder you may have the option to pre-authorise doTERRA, as explained in the question above.

Will this affect my LRP template / order?

You should see no affect to any existing LRP templates / orders. They should process as normal. If you make a change to your LRP template, you may be prompted to re-enter your credit card information or authenticate your details. If your LRP order automatically processes before you are asked to re-enter your card details, your LRP order will still process as normal.

What happens if I have multiple credit cards saved on my account?

The card that is saved on your existing LRP template will still be available. Any additional cards saved on your account will need to be manually added back to your account individually.

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