FAQs – Keeping your credit card details secure with dōTERRA

The European Parliament and European Banking Authority have established new laws governing how online transactions occur. To better protect our members and to comply with these upcoming EU regulations, dōTERRA is implementing an update to our systems, to improve the way we hold and secure your credit card information.

Starting this month, when you process a new standard order or make a change to your Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) template, you may be prompted to re-enter your credit card details or authenticate your details. The type of authentication will vary depending on your bank and their individual policies. Examples of this include but are not limited to: being asked to enter a PIN code, password, fingerprint recognition or text message verification.

No previously stored card details will be available except for those on existing LRP templates, so if you use more than one card on your account, you will need to enter each card individually. The card holder will only be asked to update this information in the Virtual Office once per card. The system will then securely store the new details.

Please be assured that this will not impact your existing automated LRP order(s) if you do not attempt to make a change to your existing template. If your LRP order automatically processes before you are asked to re-enter your card details, your LRP order will still process as normal.

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