doTERRA Europe Diamond Club – Q&A

Does the new enrolee need to have their LRP set up at the time of the enrolment to receive their points?

The new enrolee can set up their LRP at any time before the following month or the month after they enrol.

My upline/a friend has invited guests to my Diamond Club Event. Are the new enrolees eligible to receive the Diamond Club ncentives and be counted as Diamond Club enrolments even though they are not in my organisation?

Yes, 70% of your monthly enrolments need to be from your organisation with the remaining 30% coming from any crosslines. This may include any guests your upline/friend may have invited to your Diamond club event. You would enrol the new enrolee through your portal just the same as you would for someone enrolling within your organisation. These individuals will count toward your Diamond Club points and monthly enrolment numbers as well receive the Diamond Club incentive.

When do the 3 business days begin?

The three business days you have to enrol a new member start the first business day after the event. If an event is held on the weekend, the first business day is Monday. If an event is held on the last day of the month, the three business days would roll over into the following month.

Can I be reimbursed for fuel, food, lodging, and event space?

No, fuel, food, lodging, and event space are not eligible for reimbursement. During the diamond Club season; there will be some investment on your part. See the Reimbursement section for more information.

If my trip is cancelled, may I still be reimbursed?

You are only eligible for events that you actually take. We will not reimburse canceled events due to airline cancellation, weather or any related circumstances.

If I forget to enrol my new member the portal, what can I do?

If it is still within the three business days of enrolment, you may email and we may help be entered into your portal.

On my Trip Tracking Form, do I just include the trips I am being reimbursed for?

No, you must include all of your trips from the month in your Form.

Can someone in my team enrol new members through my portal for me?

No. You are the only person who is allowed to enrol through your portal as you are the one in Diamond Club who has agreed the terms and conditions of the programme. If we find that you have given your portal link or asked someone in your team to enrol for you, you will be taken out of Diamond Club and not be reimbursed for that month’s travels.

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