doTERRA Europe Diamond Club – Travel & Reimbursement

dōTERRA recognises travel expense can hinder individuals from maximising their building potential in areas long distances from their home. A reimbursement programme sponsored by upline leader(s) and dōTERRA is offered to help lift that burden.  Travel reimbursement for mileage traveled more than 80 km / 50 miles one-way is available as follows:

Driving/Public Transportation

Driving will be reimbursed up to 150€ / £ 125 a trip, paid at € 0.17 per km / £ .18 per km (50% from upline sponsor(s), 50% from dōTERRA). You must drive at least 80 km/50 miles (one-way) from your home to qualify for this.  Public transportation will be reimbursed at ticket cost.

Example 1: If you drive to a city 60 km / 30 miles from your home, you will not be reimbursed for this trip, but the enrolments from your event will count towards your enrolment requirements.

Example 2: It is acceptable to combine trips. If your first event location is 60 km /3 7.5 miles from your home (which you will not be reimbursed for), and your next trip location is another 60 km / 37.5 miles from your first location, you will be reimbursed for the distance from your home to your second location and back home as one event.

Example 3: If you live in Dublin and you flew into London and held an event and then drove to Sheffield (269 km / 168 miles one-way) for an additional event, you could request reimbursement for two events.  One event would be a flight reimbursement and the second would be a driving reimbursement.  If you rented a car when you flew into London, then you could include the cost of that rental in your reimbursement request for your event in Sheffield (up to 150€/£125).

Example 4: If you are driving to Denmark from Bratislava you can request multiple reimbursements for multiple events if you hold events along the way.  Contact family members, spas, wellness centres, retirement homes and create opportunities to share dōTERRA along the way.  For example if on your way from Bratislava you stop in Munich you can count the mileage to and from Munich as one event (starting in Bratislava).  The next event could be held in Frankfurt and you could count the mileage to and from Frankfurt (starting in Munich).  Next you could hold another event in Hamburg and you could count the mileage to and from Hamburg (starting in Frankfurt).  Your last event could then be in Denmark and you could count the mileage to and from Denmark (starting in Hamburg).  After returning from this cross country trip you would request reimbursement for four separate events (a maximum of 150€/£125 for each event) and have some of your mileage covered (round-trip).


Be reimbursed up to 150€/£ 125 (50% from upline sponsor(s), 50% from dōTERRA for flights).

Example 1: If you purchase a plane ticket for 120€, you will be reimbursed 120€.

Example 2: If you purchase a plane ticket for 345€, you will be reimbursed 150€.

Example 3: If I purchase a plane ticket for 450€ that departs from Vienna for my class in Berlin and then flies from Berlin for my second class in Amsterdam after which I return to Vienna, I would be eligible for reimbursement for two(2) events (up to 300€). You would divide the total cost of the ticket(450€) by two (the number of qualified events); that would give you a cost of 225€ per event. Record this amount as the cost for each event. However, you would only be eligible for a reimbursement of 150€ for each event.

Reimbursement Requests

Diamond Club participants must submit receipts for any requested event reimbursement. Reimbursements will be approved by the Diamond Club Sponsor as well as the company. Please keep all receipts until the date outlined below and send through in one batch for each WA who will receive reimbursements.

Reimbursement payments will be remitted via wire transfer on a monthly basis (see schedule below). In order to receive a refund you will need to have a European bank account and meet the event & enrolment requirements and complete your Reimbursement Form no later than midnight, on the first day of the month (starting October 1st).

February Third Tuesday of March
March Third Tuesday of April
April Third Tuesday of May
May Third Tuesday of June


maximum of 4 trips can be submitted for reimbursement each month.  One must travel at least 80 km / 50 miles (one way) to be eligible for reimbursement. If you decide to opt out of Diamond Club or don’t qualify to continue with the programme (don’t meet enrolment and/or minimum event requirements), you will be reimbursed for the months you participated in. However, dōTERRA will not continue to reimburse your travel for the following months, and you will not be able to offer the Diamond Club enrolment promotions.

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