Rebuilding Bulgaria – The Esseterre Co-Impact Story

Bulgria is a country rich with opportunity, bu it has faced challenges in reaching it’s full potential. There are, however, opportunities to help write a new and different chapter for Bulgaria. The country remains an agricultural haven for growing an abundance of aromatic plants and the people are rich in know-how. In particular, the Black Sea climate zone of Bulgaria produces some of the world’s best Lavender and Melissa. Its sunny and dry climate during harvest, coupled with dry, well-drained, sandy soil, is ideal for these aromatic plants. For these reasons, dōTERRA chose Eastern Bulgaria as the place to realise a vision of creating a world-class production centre for some of its most valued oils.

The result is a Bulgarian company established in 2015 called Esseterre Bulgaria EOOD. Esseterre is a farming and distilling operation with headquarters and a production centre in the agricultural heart of Bulgaria at Dobrich. Esseterre is now the largest distillery in Bulgaria and will continue to revitalise the essential oils industry through dōTERRA’s Co-Impact Sourcing® approach, becoming a significant force for facilitating sustainable, diversified development in Bulgaria.