New Look! has a brand-new look! Now you can enjoy its stunning visuals to enhance your user experience.

The website looks different, but all the content remains the same. The new design is in keeping with our current branding and the improvements to the website make navigating to your chosen content easy. 

What’s been upgraded?

  • Updated home page design
  • Search functionality has been improved
  • Easier access to promotions
  • Updated, easy navigation
  • New colour scheme

What’s the same?

  • Website content
  • URL is the same
  • Language options


  1. What is different about
    • New color scheme
    • Better access to promotions
    • Updated home page design
    • Search functionality has been improved
    • Updated navigation
    1. What is the same about
      • Website content
      • URL is the same
      • Language options as they are today
      1. Will this change impact how I manage my LRP order or enroll a new customer?
        • No, at this time it will still function as it does today
        1. To what degree is this change mobile responsive?
          • You will be able to see the website on your mobile devises as you do today
          1. Where do I login to place an order?
            • As is done today members will be redirected to for any LRP editing or shopping needs
            1. Have we moved onto the same system as the US &  Canada websites for commerce?
              • Not at this time, while the design is very similar the functionality will remain the same as it is today.
              1. Will there be help links found on the website?
                • Yes, they can be found within the top right navigation under ‘Help’.
                1. Where do I go to access promotions?
                  • A promotions banner will be found at the top of any pages within the ‘shop’ tab
                  1. How has the navigation improved within the website?
                    • We now have a clearer more updated design.  Information can be found both in the tabs at the top of the home page as well as below at the bottom of the home page.
                    1. How will the search functionality be improved on the website?
                      • The search results page now allows for better filtering of search results for member convenience.
                      1. Will this update the appearance of my business site?
                        • Not at this time, we will continue to update our dōTERRA websites and will announce this change when it occurs.