Shipping Rewards Program


Shipping Rewards Program

What is the Shipping Rewards Program?

The Shipping Rewards Program is a way for Wholesale Customers (WC) and Wellness Advocates (WA) in Europe to automatically earn points that they can use toward free product.

How are Shipping Rewards Points (SRP) earned?

Points are earned when a WC or WA places an order. The amount of points earned are based on the shipping method, the type of order placed and how it was placed.


Below is the percentage of Shipping Rewards Points earned on orders:

Online LRP or Online Enrollment Order 100% of SRP Points
Online Standard Order (non-LRP) 50% of SRP Points
Loyalty Rewards (LRP) order through Member Services 50% of SRP Points
Standard Orders through Member Services NO Shipping Rewards Points


The chart below shows the maximum number of points that can be earned. Consult the chart above to determine what percentage of points an order will qualify for.